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Overview of Johns Creek

Johns Creek is located in North Fulton County, Georgia. It is a northern suburb of the Metro Atlanta area. Johns Creek is generally surrounded by Alpharetta to the west, Peachtree Corners to the south, Duluth & Suwanee to the east, and unincorporated Cumming to the north. Most of the southern border of Johns Creek consists of the Chattahoochee River. The land area of Johns Creek is 30.73 miles.

The population in Johns Creek (based on latest estimates from U.S. Census) is 84,579. They live in 27,945 households with an average of 2.99 persons per household. Overall, Johns Creek has a population of 2,752 per square mile.

Johns Creek is a young city having only been incorporated on December 1, 2006. Johns Creek is generally a homeowner city with 76.3% being owner-occupied homes. Less than 23% are rentals. Being in Fulton County, the local sales tax in Johns Creek is 7.75%.

The residents of Johns Creek are tech-savvy with 98.3% of households owning a computer and very connected online with 95.5% of households having broadband Internet subscriptions. The residents of Johns Creek are also very educated. 96.4% of Johns Creek residents are high school graduates and 67.3% have Bachelors Degrees or higher.

Johns Creek residents are generally white-collar workers and financially affluent with a median household income of $116,070 and a per capita income of $49,932.

Johns Creek has four (4) public high schools, four (4) middle schools, and 11 elementary schools.

Because Johns Creek is such a young city, there are no ZIP codes specifically designated to Johns Creek. ZIP Codes associated with Johns Creek addresses generally include 30005, 30022, and 30097. 30005 and 30022 are generally Alpharetta ZIP codes and 30097 is generally a Duluth ZIP Code.

Because of this ZIP code anomaly, many Johns Creek businesses (and sometimes residents also) intentionally use “Johns Creek, GA 300XX” as their City, State, ZIP to overcome location confusion to customers. And because USPS uses ZIP Codes to route mail to servicing post offices, there is generally few problems in mail or package delivery.

Learn More About Johns Creek Community Areas

Johns Creek Community Areas
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The Top 10 Employers in Johns Creek

  • State Farm Insurance: 1,200 employees (Insurance)
  • Macy’s Systems & Technology: 1,151 employees (I.T. & Back office support)
  • Alcon: 1,147 employees (Eye-care products, contact lens)
  • Emory Johns Creek Hospital: 612 employees (Healthcare)
  • Kroger: 526 employees (Grocery stores)
  • Saia: 311 employees (Trucking & Transportation)
  • Nordson Corporation: 294 employees (Industrial machinery, manufacturing supplies & parts)
  • Publix: 248 employees (Grocery stores)
  • Lifetime Fitness: 232 employees (Health fitness & Gym)
  • Whole Foods: 215 employees (Grocery stores)

City Parks & Recreation

John Creek currently has four public parks:

  • Autrey Mill Nature Preserve, 9770 Autrey Mill Rd
  • Newtown Park, 3150 Old Alabama Road
  • Ocee Park, 10900 Buice Road
  • Shakerag Park, 10945 Rogers Road

Johns Creek is developing five additional public parks:

  • Bell-Boles Park, 10575 Bell Road
  • Cauley Creek Park, 7255 Bell Road
  • Morton Road Park, 4860 Morton Road
  • State Bridge Park, 10610 State Bridge Road
  • Linear Park, Medlock Bridge Road, near Johns Creek Parkway

Additionally, Johns Creek has three federal parks which are part of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (CRNRA) under the U.S. National Park Service.


John Creek has two local libraries (Ocee Library and Spruill Oaks Library). Both are branches of Fulton County Public Library System.